San Antonio, Texas

Double Eagle

Double bogey or worse, no points awarded, nor deducted.


Team Match Play Pot:   This is a mandatory pot, $10 from each player. Game administrator makes determination on amateur status issues.

Management Fee:   There is a mandatory fee; $2 per player. This fee helps defray cell/email/text service expenses; including printer paper and ink cartridges, Dawg Fight web site, and to supplement any of the three pots - team, net score, and skins.  Also to help offset for any advertising expenses.  It also funds the Closest to the Pin award and the Mulligan Drawing awards.

Optional $5 Skin Pot: A skin is an award for exceptional play. A skin is awarded if it is a lone skin, or the highest ranked order skin, for the respective hole. Each group reports each player's skin per hole. Once all skins are recorded, sklins are ranked by order and rank order is compared for each of the 18 holes. The skins rank order is provided below in the Playing Rules.

Optional $5 Net Score: There are two pots here. One is for the players who have points needed of 19 or less; the other involves those players with points needed greater than 20. Awards, based on total entries, are given to players with the best net score in each handicapped category. These pots are reserved for non +/- spread players.

Players must select their choice of pots, prior to the Final List being published - Net Score and/or Skin Pots; the Team pot is mandatory.  Here are the two default selections and No pot letter is assigned - Regular player (non +/-) player = "A" or all pots, Team, Net Score and Skin pots, $22.   A new or +/- player = Team and Skin pot or "S", $17.  The exception are as follows, a player may select the following pots - Team only, "T" or $12; Team and Skins, "S", $17; or Team and Net Score, "N", $17.  The pot selection letter will be noted next to the player's name on the player's list, if other than the noted two Defaults.  The Final Player's list will determine your pot selection, there are no exceptions.

Closest to the Pin awards are done once a month at selected outings.  These are two $15 awards provided at the two shortest Par threes. These awards are at no cost to the players; however the player must be in the Skin pot.   The other no cost to the player award is the Mulligan Drawing prize ($10) and done by a random drawing, when we have a minimum of 30 players.  

Click here to view the Team payout schedule                      Click here to view the Net Score payout schedule

One point
Two points
Four points
Eight points
Sixteen points
Thirty-Two points


Each new player will start with a converted handicap/point score. The player will have a +/- 3 point spread for the first three rounds. After the third round, the player will have established points to pull/handicap.Example below:

1.  First game: New player declares a 12 Handicap. The points he must pull will be established with the following formula (36-12 = 24 points). He is now required to pull 24 points. During his first round of play he pulls 20 points. His points are a minus 4; however, affected by the +/- 3 point spread, his score is a -3. His first round score of 20 is declared official and placed in the score book.

2. Second game: His average is now 20 and must pull 20 points, +/- 3. He scores 22. Points for this second round are +2. Second round score of 22 is recorded, and averaged with first round; average is now 21.

3. Third game: His score of 20 and 22 are averaged. His points to pull are now
21 +/-3. He scores 25. His points are +3, because of the +/-3 spread. Third round score of 25 is recorded and average is now 23.

4. Fourth game:The first three games are now averaged (20+22+25)/3 = 22.5, and rounding off equals 23. His points to pull are now 23 with no +/- 3 spread. He proceeds to score 28 points; his score is for this fourth round is +5. Handicap/points list is reviewed on a weekly basis. At this time, the last TEN recorded scores are used.


Modified Stableford (point system) with teams drawn at the conclusion of play. A draw is conducted by pulling names or player's predetermined numbers, thereby forming teams. The teams score is the mathematical summary of the team players. The team with the highest points total shall be declared the overall winner, followed by the next best team score for second place and so on. Team's objective is to gain the highest positive points (points scored over a player's required pulled points.) Game administrator will determine the number of teams and players per team. 

Each group will turn in one verified scorecard with Dawg Fight points & Skins.

  • Place a circle around the Skin hole for the respective player in the Skin pot.
  • Place a highlighted abbreviation, as shown above, on the blank score card row for the respective player with the skin.
  • Once the group's scorecard has been turned in to the administration table, it is final and the reported pot worksheets will not be changed.

​​Hole-in-One winner shall be awarded the entire Skin Pot, if the player was in the skin pot . He or she shall purchase one beverage for each Dawg Fight player at the game site.  If the Hole-In-One player was NOT in the skin pot, the player would still be obligated to purchase a beverage for each Dawg Fight player, as per normal golf tradition.


Out-of-Bounds:  Player clearly hits the ball OB, announces and hits a Provisional ball(third hit); the OB player has the option of selecting provisional hit ball for the fourth shot or (OPTION) he may take a drop near the OB area, and this will also be a fourth shot. The other OB play whereby the player DOES NOT PLAY a Provisional ball and IS OB gives the player NO OPTION. Player must hit from nearby OB area and will be hitting his FOURTH shot. Simply stated: We do not want the OB player going back to the original hit area, thus delaying the game.

Yellow, Red Staked or Fenced Wooded Area:  If this area is not OB, these areas shall be treated as LATERAL HAZARD, and player may take a drop no closer to the hole within two-club lengths from the side closest to the ball's location or suspected ball area. Player is about to hit "THREE," if the errant shot was the drive. 

Greenie Par 3's/4's:  Player must be signed up for goodie pot. Any part of the ball must be lying on the green with a single tee box hit. The two closer players to the pin having first met these criteria are eligible. Eligible player must score par or better for goodie to be recorded. If both goodie eligible players tie with the same par or better score, the player that had hit their tee shot closer to the hole records a goodie. SEE THE EXAMPLES THAT FOLLOW.


No Shows and Late players

No Shows are those players that don't bother cancelling out prior to the outing and dependent on their excuse shall be suspended from Dawg Fight Group play.

Late players are those players that show up late for their match.  Late players will assume play dependent on where their assigned groups are playing and any holes missed due to lateness will be considered double bogeys and shall NOT be played.  NO EXCEPTION.

How to remain an active Dawg Fight participant - do not become a "No Show" to any of our scheduled outings.  Contact Ruben, via phone call or text message if cancellation is a must.

Important -- pot collection will stop 15 minutes prior to start time, at which time, late players may play but will not participate in pot play.


USGA rules apply with the following exceptions in order to speed up play

  • Ball may be bumped within ONE-FOOT anywhere , except bunkers, hazards, and greens. If the ball is in the rough, it shall remain in the rough after the bump.
  • Pick up your ball, once you lay double-bogey or worse, anywhere on the course. 
  • Senior players, 65 years and older, may play from the forward senior tees.  Players will play as +/- players, during the initial,first three rounds on the forward senior tees.
  • Putts NOT TOUCHING the grip (normal length putter), when the putter head is placed in the hole, are considered “gimmies.” EXCEPTION: If the putt is for a “Skin", player must putt out. If any part of the ball touches the grip, mark the ball or putt it.  Both Greenie eligible players, must putt out. 
  • No more than THREE minutes to search for a lost ball.

Super Skin Par, Birdie, or Eagle is a ball struck from any bunker and goes directly into the hole, with a single(1) stroke, and must be a Par or Better. This is also the highest rank order in each Par, Birdie, Eagle category. For example: A Super Skin Birdie beats a Birdie, Greenie Birdie, or a Sandie Birdie, or a Chipingo Birdie. 

Here is the latest on the Out-of-Bounds play.  We will play whatever the local GC rules dictate on the OB provisions, e.g. white stakes, roadways, and/or fences, etc.  More importantly, in order to help speed-up play here is the new DF OB rule.

Skins/Goodies Ranking Order/From highest (1) to lowest (14)

A Chipingo (Chip & Go) is a ball that is chipped from off the green, and goes directly into the cup and results in a Par or Better. A Sandie is a ball played from any bunker, and results in a Par or Better. Both of the Chipingo and Sandie described above, are of equal rank order. 

Playing the wrong ball - the correct player must play from the wrong ball played area; no penalty is assessed to the correct player.  The player that played the incorrect ball is assessed a TWO stroke penalty from the correct ball spot.


For all the scenarios given, three players hit their tee shot onto a par 3 green. Player A is 5 feet away, player B is 10 feet away, and player C is 20 feet away.

Remember, first determine who is in the Skin pot.

Scenario 1:  Players A and B are in the Skin pot, and both make their birdie putt. Greenie birdie to player A because player A was closer (5 feet) to the hole.

Scenario 2:  Players A and C are in the Skin pot (but not B). All three make their putt. Greenie birdie to player A because player A was closer (5 feet) to the hole than the other eligible – player C (20 feet).

Scenario 3:  Players B and C are in the Skin pot (but not A). All three make the birdie putt. Greenie birdie to player B because he was the closer to the hole (10 feet vs. 20 feet) of the two eligible players.

Scenario 4:  Player A and C are in the Skin pot (but not B). Player A makes a par (missed birdie putt) and B and C make their putt. Greenie birdie to player C because he is the only eligible goodie player to make the birdie putt. NOTE: if both had missed and made par, a greenie par would revert to player A.

NOTE: Eagle, Double Eagle and HIO points will not be assessed to the player's points file.  These points will count only on the day of the match.  This will ensure the player's point will remain consistent.  A birdie or four points will replace the Eagle or above skin & highlighted as an adjusted score.

1. HOLE-IN ONE            HIO8. Super Skin Birdie                      SSB
2. Super Skin Double Eagle SSDE9. Sandie Birdie, Chipingo Birdie    SB/CB
3. Sandie DE, Chipingo  DE  SDE/CDE10.Greenie Birdie (Par 3's & 4's)     GB
4. Double Eagle              DE
11.Birdie                                           B
5. Super Skin  Eagle     SSE
12.Super Skin Par                          SSP
6. Sandie Eagle, Chipingo Eagle   SE/CE
13.Sandie Par, Chipingo Par           SP/CP
7. Eagle                           E
14.Greenie Par (Par 3's & 4's)         GP